It all began in 1969 when Dave Lourens got his first bike, a BSA 650 twin. Dave and a group of buddies, Fred Pouch, Swannie, Tom Gussie, Japie Veldman and Gert Jordaan started to ride together from 1975, attending rallies and bike jols. In 1990 in Carletonville, Dave and a few of his buddies thought of starting a bike club.

The Beginning (Founder Member – Dave Lourens)

The original line up was:
   1.    Dave Lourens and his wife Dina Lourens
   2.    Johan (Vleis) Lourens and wife Hester Lourens
   3.    Hannes van Tonder and his wife Melanie van Tonder
   4.    Johan (Ploffie) du Plooy and his wife Karren du Plooy
   5.    Andries (Floppie) du Toit (single at the time)
   7.    Buks Viljoen
   8.    Neville (Goofie) Baxter and ex-wife Nonnie (now Brandon)

At that time there were no executive members and no patch. Dave told his buddies to think about designing a patch, and some of them came up with a few names like Hi Riders, Speedwings, etc. In 1991, Dave saw a Patch Todaymovie poster of the two arms and the brotherhood, which turned out to be a movie staring Sylvester Stallone. Dave then designed the patch and came up with the name at the end of 1991. The first meeting was at Dave’s house, with Dave as President, and Vleis as Vice, with another five members elected onto the committee. In January 1992, they started wearing their colours. By the end of the year, the total number of patched members were seventy strong. The club had their meetings at the President Hotel, which was owned by Liesbet. She did a lot for Megaforce MC, and Dave eventually made her an honourary member. At the time she was single (divorced), and is still a member today.

Megaforce MC did a lot of rallies back then such as the Buffalo, Rhino, Diamond, Warthog, Staffie, Fox and Sabre to mention a few, always winning lots of trophies for arm wrestling, tug of war, biggest club, tyre throw etc. They also won the first two diamonds at the Diamond rally, and three motorcycles (a new Kawasaki ZX9, Aprilia 1000 and the new BMW super bike, the first one that came out at the Rhino rallies), as well as a Venter bike trailer. At the time Dave was the President , the Treasurer and the Secretary. All the club moneys where kept in an ice cream plastic container.

Dave had his first motorcycle accident in 1980, when he broke his back. He was in a coma for a week and he had to wear a leather and steel harness for one year. He had to learn how to walk again for the first year. Megaforce MC lost Brothers and Sisters in the beginning: Dennis Goosen in 1996 was the first brother and Hennelie (wife of Terrence Kiegel) also in 1996. Pierre Janse van Rensburg was killed in 2005. As for accidents; Liesbet smashed up her leg in an accident with Floppie in 1994 and Gavin Rathbone lost his foot as well in an accident in 1994. JJ Oosthuizen lost his leg in 2000.

Megaforce MC were on television appearing in a programme about bikers. The programme was called Voorblad and was aired in 2001. Riaan was the presenter and Dave, Plyster, Jan, Carol, Deon, Allet, Henk and Dominique all appeared. Dave was the President until 2003 and is now a retired Honourary President of Carletonville. Thank you Dave for what you started. It’s an honour to be part of a brotherhood with such a lot of love and respect.

Vince Brandon started in 1994 as an appy in Megaforce MC, and was elected as a committee member in 1999, becoming the Vice President for 2 years (2002/2003) and then the President in 2003. Then as we started with National Chapter expansion, Vince become the National President. Marius van Zyl started our first chapter on the KZN South Coast (Toti) in 2001.

Chapter history is as follows:
   1.   National/Carletonville – GP (1992)
   2.   South Coast – KZN (2001)
   3.   Vaal – GP (2003)
   4.   Fochville – GP (2006 – closed)
   5.   Bloemfontein – FS (2006 – closed)
   6.   Pretoria – GP (2007)
   7.   Rustenburg – NW (2007)
   8.   East Rand – GP (2013)
   9.   Pinetown – KZN (2013)
 10.   West Rand – GP (2013)
 11.   Richards Bay – KZN (2016)
 12.   Witbank – MP (2016)
 13.   Jo’burg South – GP (2016)
 14.   Singapore – International (2018)
 15.   Southern Cape – WP (2017)
 16.   Northern Natal – KZN (2018)
 17.   West Coast – WP (2018)
 18.   Cape Town – WP (2021)
 19.   Durban South – KZN (2021)
 20.   Spartan – Nationwide (2021)

Our First Megaforce MC Botherhood Club Song

He’s the one who will never yield
You can rub it
You can scrub it
You can fuck it as well
But you will never get rid of that Megaforce smell

Our Current Megaforce MC Song (written, performed, produced and recorded by Martin Vee: South Coast Chapter)

Highway up, highway down
Dust and steel, all around
Rev it up, pop the wheel
How it feels, how it sounds

Ooh Aah! Megaforce!
Ooh Aah! Megaforce!

We’re the force, we’re the force
And we shout, Megaforce!
And we ride, side by side
With the force, Megaforce!

Repeat Chorus:

Like a brick, in the wall
We will build, one for all
And we ride, like the wind
And we will live, for the call

Repeat Chorus:

Revving down the highway
Rocking to a biker song
Sing the song of freedom
Someday we’ll be moving on

Vince Brandon
National President
Megaforce MC Brotherhood